By Larry

I’ve tried a couple times to put some info about myself on this “about” page.  I’m having some problems with it.  It feels uncomfortable, egotistical and strange.  It’s like I’m a salesman peddling a product, and the product is me.

I think I’ve got an idea.  I’m going to take a risk here.

I should ask my wife to write my about page.   If there is anyone out there who truly knows who I am and what I am about, it is her.

Wish me luck.

So this is what she wrote:

It’s not easy to put into words who my husband is.  On the surface, he’s the amazing father who nurtures his daughters, the devoted husband who daily makes his wife feel cherished and the resourceful businessman whose strong leadership makes his restaurant successful.   This is all very true, but barely scratches the surface of who he is.  He is truly a man after God’s own heart, who loves justice and seeks to feed the poor and champion the oppressed; one who spent years praying for wisdom and is truly wise because of it.  He deeply loves God and seeks to serve His people because of this love.  Once someone told Larry he was too intense.  Intense aptly describes my husband.  However that man was a fool to think Larry’s intensity a flaw.  It’s one of his best characteristics.  I know you may think me bias, but what I share with you here is the honest truth.  So now you know “about” Larry Smiley.

1 Response to “About”

  1. 1 Mary Spry Mugrage
    December 8, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Cheers to all of the above!

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